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Functions and Services

The foundation of Harayna State Bal Bhawan, Madhuban Karnal, was laid on 14 Nov 1956 to bring up as well as look after their education of the orphan and helpless children of Haryana State. This organization is run by the Board of Trustees, under the chairmanship of respected chief minister of Haryana. The children of age between 7 and 12 yrs are admitted in Bal Bhawan Madhuban, Karnal. At present 80 orphans and helpless children are being looked after in this organization. The expenditure on bringing up, education and health care etc on children is borne by the organization.
All the children of this organization get their education in the Govt.  Primary and Govt. High School situated in near its premises where education is well planned
Children get their healthy food as per the menu of that day and a separate dinning hall is built where tables, benches, light, cooler and fans are provided.
The organization has got its own building where 24 rooms are available. Children do their home work after school and Hostel Supervisor and Supervisor appointed by the organization help them in their home work.
There is library for the children. In this various Hindi and English books are available for the children. The children read books in the library in evening time. In the evening all the children compulsory do the social work. In this regards light work like cleaning parks etc are done.

For the sports of the children of this organization, sports Auditorium, table tennis and sports ground are available. In the evening children play different games as per their liking and for small children there are different types of swings and children swing as per their choice in the evening.

For the grown up children there is gymnastic in the organization. In the evening the children do the different exercises.
For children recreation, there are two recreation rooms in the organization where LCD's are provided. In night, as per the time limits, the children watch LCD's

            The children of this organization take part in different programs and camps organized by National Bal Bhawan, New Delhi and also take part regularly in camps organized by Holiday Home Society, Chandigarh. The children of this organization as per their hobby make greeting cards, charts art item s. Every year on Republic Day and Independence Day, flag hosting is done , National Anthem is sung and other cultural programs are played by the children. All the festivals of our country are celebrated with enthusiasm by the children.

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